Health Tests - How to Order, Register & Receive Results

Our at-home health tests are easy to use, delivering rapid results in just minutes, saving you the hassle of sending your test samples back to a lab.

How do I place my order?

You can find our health tests on our website. We have a range of tests available which allow you to test for common health conditions such as Male Infertility, Vitamin D Deficiency, Iron Deficiency, Menopause and UTIs. 

When you have placed your order online, you will receive a confirmation email followed by another email once your test(s) has been dispatched.

Do I need to register or upload my results?

You do not need to register or upload your results. Please follow the instructions carefully to ensure you have performed the test correctly. If the test has been performed correctly, you should receive your results within 15 minutes. 

Can I speak to a GP about my results?

If you would like to speak to a GP about your results or would like some additional health advice, you can book a video appointment to speak with a Doctor here.