General Testing - How to Order, Register & Receive Results

Our general testing lateral flow test kits are easy to use, delivering rapid results in just 20 minutes. These tests are suitable for personal use, work, school, university, large social/sporting events and weddings etc

Placing your Order

To purchase general lateral flow tests, go to this part of the website:

General Lateral Flow Tests – Medicspot

The tests can be purchased in bundles of 4, 10 or 20. See current prices below:

Proceed with purchase, selecting the preferred delivery method when prompted:

You will receive an email as shown in this example

Soon after you will receive a ‘Next Steps’ email, as shown below. Attached to this email will be a pdf file containing your kit codes. There will be 4 kit codes if you ordered 4 kits, 10 if you ordered 10 and 20 if you ordered 20 kits.

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a third email as shown here

Receiving your Order

Your kits will be shipped via Royal Mail and will need to be signed for upon delivery.

Inside the postage bag, you will find your Flowflex kits. All the components of the kit are inside the Flowflex box, along with full instructions of how to perform your test.  

Registering your Kit

In order to receive your results and certificate, test kits must first be registered. 

To do this, you will need to follow the link This link can also be found in your “Next Steps” email. 

You will need your Kit Code to register. 

If you have a General Testing Kit, please use the Kit Codes that are in the PDF file, attached to the “Next Steps” email. 

Please follow the onscreen instructions, at, to register your kit. Each step is shown below: will take you to this page:

Once you have entered your kit code, please proceed through the following steps:


confirm details

At this point, you will receive an email confirming your registration. 



Uploading your results

If you are ready to take your test, please proceed with the registration, as shown below:


If you are not ready to take your test, simply select “Come back later.” When you are ready later, please follow the same link: and it will redirect you to the correct stage of the process, where you can continue as below.




This concludes the registration and submission process. You will now receive an email, within 2 hours, with your result and a Doctor signed certificate, attached as a PDF.