Fit to Fly - Lateral Flow (Antigen) Test: How It Works

An overview of the process for using Fit to Fly Lateral Flow Tests

What do I need to do to complete my test?

Fit to Fly Lateral Flow tests are straightforward but must be completed within a strict timeframe.

Once you have bought your test, you will need to do the following:

1. Check when you need to take your test

Ensure you take your Fit to Fly Lateral Flow Test in the window of time required by your destination country. You can use our Travel Planner here to help you.

Are you travelling to the USA? This will require Observed Testing. Learn what you need to do here.

2. Go online to register and take your test

Within the correct testing window, follow the link to register your test. This link is in the email that we sent to you and also provided along with your test kit.

You will need your ‘kit code’. This can be found printed inside the test box or accompanying your test kit. You will also need your passport/ID card, and your flight details.

Then follow the online instructions to take your test, photograph it and submit the result.  We will then verify your result.

3. Review your certificate

You will receive a notification via email within two hours and, if your result was negative, an attached Fit to Fly certificate confirming that you have taken the test. Please ensure that the details match those on your travel documentation. Please keep the certificate  as evidence that you have taken the test.

4. Have your certificate available when you travel

Check the guidance provided by your destination country or airline and ensure that you are able to present your certificate as required. 

You can review our Lateral Flow Test FAQ for further information.