Covid Recovery Letter

Some countries accept Covid Recovery Letters following a positive Covid test result. Please see more information below.

What is a Covid Recovery Certificate?

A Covid-19 Recovery Certificate is a document that certifies that you have had Covid-19 in the past 180 days (proved by a positive PCR Test), but have since been assessed by a GP and are deemed to have recovered and therefore have some natural immunity.

How do I get a Covid Recovery Certificate?

Medicspot can provide Covid Recovery Certificates the same day. Just click here to submit your application for our GP's to review. You'll need to have proof of your initial positive test.


  • Certificate within 2 hours of appropriate evidence submission
  • Accepted for entry by many countries (check requirements for your destination before purchasing)
  • Certificates signed by GMC registered doctors.
  • Easy 5 minute contact-free form
  • No appointment required - start now


  • Anyone who has recovered from Covid-19 in the last 6 months
  • Any age over 5 (Parent/Guardian must complete for U18’s)
  • Any vaccination status (check destination criteria)

What you’ll need

  • The date of your positive Covid-19 Test
  • PDF, screenshot or photo of your positive test result
  • Passport Number (optional)

For full information, review FAQ and arrange a Covid Recovery Letter, please visit our website here.